20 Sexy Pics of Kyle Krieger, Who Just Launched A New OnlyFans

20 Sexy Pics of Kyle Krieger, Who Just Launched A New OnlyFans

Kyle Krieger is the latest gay hunk to join OnlyFans.

Kyle Krieger

Kyle Krieger


Kyle Krieger is one of the most popular gay influencers on social media, having garnered an audience of 2 million followers on Instagram and over 231,000 subscribers on YouTube. On Instagram, he describes himself as a “sober minimalist who loves tennis, film, fitness, & building tings.”

While he is best known as a celebrity hairstylist, YouTuber, and influencer, Krieger has also been exploring new creative endeavors over the years. This includes directing short films like Boyfriend and Sports!, as well as starring in projects like Sad Studs and Single All the Way.

As of 2023, Krieger is venturing out by starting an OnlyFans and creating new kinds of content for the platform. “Men’s Grooming, Fitness and Bodywork – from an arousing perspective!” reads the bio on Krieger’s OnlyFans, adding that the page will feature “workouts, new and archival photoshoots, sexy haircut and body grooming tutorials with models and other creators.”

Scroll through to see sexy pictures of Kyle Krieger. You can follow him at @kylekrieger on Instagram and/or subscribe to his OnlyFans.

Kyle Krieger on Instagram: “On my worst behavior — 🥊❤️ new video up, OF link in stories photos // @jackjunk”

Kyle Krieger on Instagram: “Moments this summer I was truly happy 🤍”

Kyle Krieger on Instagram: “took these to show off my new haircut 🫠 thanks @ericspencerhair @mottnyc”

Kyle Krieger on Instagram: “mustache stories made it to the main stage —”

Kyle Krieger on Instagram: “A collaboration with the wonderful and talented @simonmalvaez — an internet friend for years finally meeting up for a ropes session in Los Angeles. An incredible, intimate and vulnerable day. Truly one of my favorites. Recently recognized by the MoMa SF, no doubt Simón has a bright future ahead of him. Photos by @jackjunk”

Kyle Krieger on Instagram: “Had to give myself a photoshop pedicure bc @jackjunk bullied me to post these to feed. Zoom to see 🥲”

Kyle Krieger on Instagram: “New men’s groomer in town! I’ll be taking haircut clients at @mottnyc! If you’re in New York — book a haircut at can’t wait to see ya! Can’t promise there is anything under the apron! Starting February 3!”

Kyle Krieger on Instagram: “First week of 2023 — the last photo really hits hard 🫂🌈”

Kyle Krieger on Instagram: “Phil, saturday is for the.. SaturdAæyy 🌈 iykyk”

Kyle Krieger on Instagram: “Rough recently, but some bright lights too ✨”

Kyle Krieger on Instagram: “Without the ocean, summer daze wouldn’t be the same. Hoping you get to reconnect with loved ones and yourself this summer. @calvinklein #cketernity”

Kyle Krieger on Instagram: “Ck #mycalvins photos from last year in quarantine and — new stuff out tomorrow 🥶”

Kyle Krieger on Instagram: “Like this if you grew up printing out mapquest directions”

Kyle Krieger on Instagram: “2.14.23 is gonna be a knockout! Just getting warmed up! 🥊🫠 Been working on something this past month that I’m excited to share with you soon.”

Kyle Krieger on Instagram: “the heat is on ☀️🥵”

Kyle Krieger on Instagram: “red tide 🌊”

Kyle Krieger on Instagram: “Week consisted of not being more than 10 feet from this sofa until today!! Thanks for all the sweet messages and noodz ❤️‍🩹🌈 love u”

Kyle Krieger on Instagram: “NEW VIDEO UP! A day on the ride vlog. What it’s like riding and camping from SF to LA to raise money for people living with HIV. June is just around the corner if you’re looking for some inspo to sign up! LINK IN BIO!”

Kyle Krieger on Instagram: “will be too old to post like this in the new decade.. so here’s to the end of an era (and wholesome dog content beginnings). ⁣ 📷 @briankaminski”

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