19 X (Twitter) Demographics for Marketers in 2024

19 X (Twitter) Demographics for Marketers in 2024

Whether you call it X now or can’t still stop saying “Twitter,” the fact is that there are still billions of people using the social media platform in 2024. And if your brand is on there, too, you’re going to want to be in the know about the latest Twitter demographics (or X demographics, whatever!).

After all, if you don’t know your audience (or potential audience), you’re in for an uphill battle. Understanding who is using Twitter will help you tailor the perfect content, target niche audiences more effectively, and even determine whether it’s a worthwhile avenue for reaching your Twitter target audience.

Read on for the Twitter audience demographics social media marketers need to build a better social media marketing strategy in 2024 — though, unfortunately, we don’t have the stats yet to determine whether or not they care if you still call it Twitter.

General Twitter user demographics

There are 225 million daily active users on X (Twitter)

At the Code 2023 tech conference back in September, X CEO Linda Yaccarino reported the company has 225 million daily active users (DAU). While that number’s impressive, it’s still a dip of 25 million from the site’s DAU count in November 2022.

619 million people use X (Twitter) each month

Twitter is actually fairly low on the list of most-popular social platforms, but this number is still nothing to sniff at. (We can’t all be Facebook, OK?) When it comes to monthly active users, X is still prettttty popular.

More than 600 million users worldwide log in to the platform each month — and sure, that’s less than TikTok, but it’s also more than Pinterest and QQ.

There will be more than 500 million X (Twitter) users by 2028

A forecast by Statista predicts that over the next four years, the number of users on X (Twitter) will grow by 17.32% — an increase of 74.3 million users, to a total of 503.42 million users in 2028.

Source: Statista

Twitter gender demographics

More than 60% of X (Twitter) users are male

Looking at the Twitter user stats by gender, male users account for 60.9% of the audience. Only 39.1% of X users identified as female in this Statista survey.

Distribution of X (formerly Twitter) users worldwide as of January 2024 by gender

Source: Statista

Only 8% of American women have a favorable opinion of Twitter

According to a 2022 study by Statista, 10% of American men have a “very favorable” or “somewhat favorable” opinion of Twitter — and 8% of American women feel the same way.

On the flipside, 15% of women report “very unfavorable” feelings about Twitter, and so do 22% of men.

Twitter age demographics

Nearly 40% of X (Twitter) users are between 25 and 34 years old

38.5% of Twitter’s audience is aged 25 to 34. When combined with the next oldest cohort of users, more than half of Twitter users are between 25 and 49 — millennials and Gen Xers have this app on lock.

(This info is from 2021, but unfortunately, it’s the most up-to-date info we have!)

A quarter of X (Twitter) users are under 25

Though it’s no TikTok, there’s still some youth activity on X.

Nearly 7% of X’s global audience is between 13 and 17, and 17.1% are aged 18 to 24. That adds up to roughly 24% of X’s global audience.

Distribution of Twitter users worldwide as of April 2021 by age groupSource: Statista

Only 6% of U.S. adults 65 and older use X (Twitter)

The average age of Twitter users still skews relatively low, though. Looks like this isn’t the preferred social media platform of the Boomer crowd.

X (Twitter) only has the attention of 6% of U.S. adults aged 65 and older, according to Pew Research.

25% of 18 to 34-year-olds have a favorable opinion of X (Twitter)

In fact, it seems like opinions of Twitter have an inverse relationship to age — younger people tend to have a favorable opinion and older people tend to have an unfavorable opinion.

These feelings are clear in the Statista graph below. The light blue (“very favorable”) chunk gets smaller as the age group increases, and the red (“very unfavorable”) chunk gets larger as the age group increases.

Share of adults in the United States who have a favorable impression of Twitter of of May 2022Source: Statista

Since 2014-15, the number of teens who use Twitter has decreased.

According to a PEW Research study, 33% of U.S. teens reported using Twitter in 2014-15, but only 23% reported using the platform in 2022.

Teen interest in Facebook also decreased, while Instagram and Snapchat saw an increase (52% to 62% and 41% to 59%, respectively).

Twitter location demographics

There are more users in the U.S. than any other country

With 105.42 million users as of January 2024, the United States has the most active X (Twitter) accounts. It beats the second-most active country by a mile, with a 30 million user lead. (Canada, comparatively, only has 14.41 million users.)

Leading countries based on number of X formerly Twitter users as of January 2024Source: Statista

19% of U.S. citizens aged 12 and up are using X (Twitter) at any given time

A study from Edison Research on Americans’ media habits found that 19% of U.S. residents are “currently ever using X.”

This may sound like a lot of people out there tweeting at any given time (or… X posting? Have we decided what we’re calling it?), but this is actually a drop from the organization’s 2023 study.

Japan is the second most active country on X (Twitter)

Japan follows behind the U.S., with 73.4 million X users as of January 2024. These two front runners have an incredible lead on the competition — India comes in at a distant third with just 26.8 million users.

There are 9.88 million X (Twitter) users in China

Though this number is small compared to the U.S. and Japan (and considering China’s population size), it’s quite impressive.

The Chinese government has banned Twitter, and yet nearly 10 million people have figured out a workaround. Now that’s brand loyalty.

Western Europe, the Middle East and Africa are the biggest growth regions

While North American usage is declining slightly (Statista reported a -0.5% growth year over year in 2022), and Central and Eastern Europe are dropping out at a dramatic rate (a -7% change that same year), there are lots of growing regions.

Western European users are forecasted to grow by 3.8%, while Middle East and Africa has a 3.2% growth rate.

X (Twitter) users are more likely to live in urban or suburban areas

According to Pew Research, only 13% of U.S. adults using Twitter live in rural areas. Twenty-five percent live in urban cities, and 26% live in the ‘burbs.

In other words, X might not be the best platform to hawk your tractor brand.

Twitter income demographics

29% of X (Twitter) users earn more than $100K annually

A Pew Research poll found that 29% of U.S. adult Twitter users earn $100,000 or more each year. Meanwhile, only 18% of users earn less than $30,000.

percentage of US adults who say they ever use a particular social platform by income bracketSource: Pew Research

More than half of X (Twitter) users have a college education

The average Twitter user is fairly educated. 29% of U.S. adults who use Twitter have graduated college. In comparison, only 15% have a high school education or less. (Another 24% have some college education but not a complete degree.)

640 thousand users subscribe to X Premium

X introduced a new Premium membership in June 2023 (at the time, calling it Twitter Blue). For $8 USD per month, Premium members receive a blue verification checkmark on their accounts and access to other exclusive features, such as the ability to edit published tweets.

Statista reports that as of April 2023, 640,000 users were subscribed to X Premium.

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