How Much Do Top Earning Aussie Influencers Make Per IG Post?

How Much Do Top Earning Aussie Influencers Make Per IG Post?

If you’re like me (currently living off cereal to deal with cozzie livs) what I’m about to share might be a tad depressing. Some new research has revealed what the top Aussie influencers are earning per Instagram post, and it’s A LOT. 

Considering Aussie stars like Tammy Hembrow, Kayla Itsines and Harry Jowsey have a combined following of 37.5 million on Instagram, it makes sense that they can charge through the roof for simply popping up a little pic online. 

Aussie talent agency, Hunter Talent, has crunched the estimated numbers, and fitness queen Tammy Hembrow tops the list with her 17.4 million followers. She can earn around $82,998 PER POST. Excuse me while I cry into my cereal. 

Tammy Hembrow is one of Australia’s most popular influencers. (Image: Instagram @tammyhembrow)

Personal trainer Kayla Itsines, who has created a fitness empire, is hot on Tammy’s heels. In 2017, she made it onto the Financial Review’s Young Rich list with an estimated fortune of $63 million. With over 15.9 million followers on Instagram, she can charge an estimated $71,550 per post. 

Coming in third is Harry Jowsey, who we know as the fuckboy from Too Hot To Handle. He’s taken to reality TV like a duck to water, appearing in Dancing With The Stars, The Amazing Race Australia: Celebrity Edition and most recently The Perfect Match. His following isn’t as massive as our Aussie fitness gals, but 4.2 million on Instagram isn’t anything to sneeze at, especially when he can charge $20,034 per post. 

In fourth, fashion creator Lily May Mac, travel influencer Hilde Osland and another fitness gal Stephanie Sanzo can make around $16,695 per post – due to their slightly smaller following of 3.5 million each. 

Harry Jowsey on Dancing With The Stars

Harry Jowsey is kind of a reality TV whore. (Image: Disney+)

“There is huge money to be made in ‘influencing’ and content creation with the career taken as seriously as traditional job roles,” Hunter Talent’s CEO Adam Jacobs said. 

“In Australia, there are many well-known content creators that have influence around the world.” 

From their research, it looks like the fitness category is the most lucrative followed by lifestyle, fashion and travel. Other categories such as foodie and beauty influencing are a bit lower down. 

The top 10 Aussie influencers and their estimated earnings per Instagram post 

Here’s the top 10 Aussie influencers in a quick and easy cheat sheet: 

  • 1. Tammy Hembrow – 17.4M followers – $82,998 per post
  • 2. Kayla Itsines – 15.9M followers – $71,550 per post
  • 3. Harry Jowsey – 4.2M followers – $20,034 per post
  • 4= Hilde Osland – 3.5M followers – $16,695 per post
  • 4= Lily May Mac – 3.5M followers – $16,695 per post
  • 4= Stephanie Sanzo – 3.5M followers – $16,695 per post
  • 7. Evelyn Sharma – 3.2M followers – $15,264 per post
  • 8. Emily Skye – 2.7M followers – $12,879 per post
  • 9. Chloe Ting – 2.6M followers – $12,404 per post
  • 10= Leah Halton – 2.4M followers – $11,448 per post
  • 10= Anna Paul – 2.4M followers – $11,448 per post

Well, this was a depressing way to start off the week. Sorry for bringing you all down to earth with me!

Feature image: Instagram @kayla_itsines, @tammyhembrow, @harryjowsey

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