How one OnlyFans star is making five figures a month at the age of 20

How one OnlyFans star is making five figures a month at the age of 20

A 20-year-old Australian woman has created a profitable solution to the current cost of living crisis, saying she’s been able to avoid moving back in with her parents due to taking up a side-hustle on OnlyFans, after dropping out of school, TAFE, and an apprenticeship.

Maddi Miller has differentiated her content on the adult platform and is now raking in between $20,000 to $30,000 per month, by treating her OnlyFans account as a proper business and realising she needs a point of difference from other creators.

Maddi dropped out of school in Year 11, before starting TAFE and completing a year of her boilermaker apprenticeship. She then went on to start an administrator position in a local sports club, and started saving up money which is when she also turned to starting her side hustle on OnlyFans. “I was still struggling financially, and couldn’t afford any sort of lifestyle. So, I decided to start a side hustle on OnlyFans, which I hoped would make some extra money,” she said.

“I enjoyed this job but unfortunately it wasn’t meant to be. Rumours about my personal life and OnlyFans account surfaced, and management got involved. In the end, I felt I had no option but to leave,” she said.

Coming from a small town, Maddi said job opportunities were limited, particularly for young people.

“If I took an entry-level job, or a job in retail, I would have to move back home with my mum due to the cost of living. I also didn’t want to leave the town I grew up in either to search for opportunities in a big city,” she said. “The only option was to really focus on making my OnlyFans account profitable.”


Maddi said she knew she needed a point of difference to set herself apart in the market.

Maddi Miller onlyFans

Maddi decided to combine her love of cars with OnlyFans. Photo:

“I decided to post videos with my Ford Falcon which l spend a lot of time fixing up. I then started to become known for my passion for my car, even though I don’t have a driver’s licence!” she said.

Today Maddi makes a secure financial income of between $20,000 and $30,000 per month. She is also a proud home owner.


“I understand my situation is unique in that I am making great income for someone my age. Most others are having to choose between study and being broke, or working full-time, and even still, are struggling to get by financially without help from their mum or dad.”

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